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This convertible’s massive V8 needed an elite sound system to compliment its prowess. Our team at Auto Audiophiles undertook the extensive process of producing a completely custom built system. The equipment consisted of three Skar Audio amplifiers, one powering a pair of Skar Audio 12″ sub woofers, one for the 4 Skar Audio mid range loud speakers, and one for the 4 Skar Audio 3″ tweeters. The door panels were made using fiberglass resin and covered with a vinyl wrap that matched the interior of the vehicle. The sub woofers were housed in fiber glass pods which fit snugly into either side of the convertible’s trunk, allowing for the top to be stored with no obstruction. The pods were wrapped in a carpet which matched the trunk interior. Overall, the system turned out sounding incredible and the owner was ecstatic to get the bull on the road!  More Details

An icon in the automotive world, this G-wagon needed some extra bass to elevate the factory sound system. Two 12″ Crescendo Forte sub woofers powered by an Incriminator Audio 2000 watt RMS I15.1 mono block amplifier took this vehicle’s cabin to new heights. The Crescendo subs were fitted into a Rhino-lined Q-Bomb ported box which allowed for the subs to play unbelievably low frequencies. An Audio Control 2-Channel line-out converter was used to tap into the factory signal and convert it in to the pre-amp signal. This job left the factory system untouched allowing all after-market equipment to be easily accessible. More Details

Previously fitted with a respectable audio system, this car was looking to extract maximum bass potential out of the available air space in the trunk. We produced a custom box with a cylinder port that was assembled in the trunk of the vehicle as to utilize the most possible area. The Customer had selected 12″ Sundown Audio 750 RMS sub woofers powered by a 2000 Watt 2 Channel Sundown Audio amplifier. In addition to the custom box, our team worked extensively to cover the rear compartment with Stinger Overkill sound deadening material which negated trunk rattle and allowed for the subs to play more clear and distinct bass frequencies. The customer left our shop in awe and planned on returning for a full mid-range upgrade! More Details

This American muscle symbol required a thorough wiring job in order to get the audio system up and running. No amount of electrical work is too much for our experienced installation team. Two amplifiers were hooked up along with two pairs of Memphis Audio 6.5″ M-class speakers, and two 12″ American Bass sub woofers. The sub woofers were fitted into a previously bought MDF box. More Details

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to car audio. This Mustang required a starter system that would get it rolling in the car audio game. Fitted with a 250 watt RMS/500 watt max Memphis Audio amplifier, and a pair of Memphis street reference sub woofers, the Mustang got an affordable yet quality system. The subs were set in a rhino-lined Q-Bomb sub woofer box which not only fit snugly in the tight trunk but also unleashed the full potential of the sub woofers. A clean wiring job left the vehicle looking unaltered and ready to upgrade its equipment in the future.  More Details

Being the king of the road, this monster pick-up also needed a sound system fit for royalty. Starting with the front doors, this truck has two 8″ and one 6.5″ Crescendo Neo-Forte loudspeakers on EACH door. Just when you thought that was all, the front doors also include two FT1 Black Crescendo super tweeters on EACH door. Moving to the back doors, each one features two 8″ Crescendo Neo-Forte loudspeakers and a single FT1 super tweeter. Bass wise, this truck has a blow through fashioned in order to house two massive SPL DB Drive 18″ sub woofers. Powering this monster system is an Orion 3000W class D amplifier, and a Crescendo Audio C1100.4 Concerto amplifier. In addition to the internal system, this truck also has Crescendo Audio PWX 8″ loudspeakers mounted underneath the truck just to round out this unreal sound system. More Details

A truck lover’s dream, this 2019 Dodge Ram needed a little extra help in order to boost the overall quality of its sound system. Using a pair of Memphis Audio Power Reference 6×9″ coaxial speakers, our installers were able to retain the factory set-up while providing that extra high-end sound. In addition to the door speakers, we installed a pre-fab truck box which housed a 10″ sub woofer. The woofer was powered by an Orion Audio 2 channel amplifier which provided sufficient wattage to compliment the coaxial speakers. More Details

Going back in time with this antique Grand Cutlass, we suited it up with two 12″ Incriminator Lethal Injection sub woofers. In addition to powerful subs, we designed fiberglass pods to house our customers two 12″ Eminent loudspeakers. Overall this job required our installers to clean up wiring and maintain the integrity of the prized Cutlass. Our installers at Auto Audiophiles love the challenge of custom systems, and this Grand Cutlass is a prime example of our custom expertise and experience. More Details 

This beautiful motorcycle was suited up with a pair of premium 5.25″ Memphis M-Class coaxial speakers. Replacing a factory system on a bike is never a simple task, but our installers at Auto Audiophiles have the experience to bring any bike to new heights. Using a Sony marine head unit as the brain of the system, we strategically placed a Memphis 2.140 marine amplifier in the headlight cavity of the bike hiding any sign of unsightly wires. Overall, the Harley left the bay sounding unbelievable and looking untouched. More Details

Fitted with two Crescendo 6.5″ Neo-Forte loudspeakers in the front doors, this Impala was left asking for more sound. To solve this problem, our installers made custom fittings for two Crescendo 10” Neo-Forte loudspeakers. The custom work was precise and maintained the integrity of the door panels. Each speaker was set on a carpeted ring which matched the color of the factory leather interior. In addition to the speakers, the two amplifiers powering the speakers were re-wired and a new power wire terminal was added to the system. Overall the Impala left the shop with a balanced system of elite sound. More Details

Antique Buick Riviera

This blast from the past is fitted with two powerful 15″ sub woofers that compliment six 8” loudspeakers which line the door panels. Working on older cars can sometimes be challenging, but our installers have the expertise to bring any antique to life. A custom center console was built in order to house the single din head unit, this way we avoided having to cut into the dash of the vehicle maintaining its original factory look. 

Modified 2013 Nissan Altima

With a fully functional audio system previously installed from Auto Audiophiles, all this Nissan needed was some fresh wiring and a new fuse terminal connection to the battery. At Auto Audiophiles no job is too small or too large for our installers. We take pride in our relationships that we have with our customers. We always go out of our way to make sure that every element of your system is rocking and rolling because we understand how important your music is to you. 

Compact sports cars like such typically don’t have very much air space for sub woofers. But that didn’t stop our installers at Auto Audiophiles from fabricating the perfect solution, a 500 watt Memphis Audio amplifier, two Memphis 10” Street Reference sub woofers in a compact Q-Bomb box perfectly sized for the Scion’s tight trunk compartment. A Rapter 8 gauge wiring kit was used to draw power and integrate the factory head unit into the rest of the system. More Details

2015 Jeep Rubicon

Needing a JVC After-market head unit, but not having enough space in the in-dash compartment, this Jeep faced a serious dilemma. Fortunately, our installers are equipped with power tools and have the skill to perform clean custom job that allows for the perfect integration of after-market electronics. We were able to cut through the  brackets hindering the JVC head unit, and slide it into its newly expanded in-dash section. With the dash-kit plating put in place, there was no sign of any alteration to the factory set-up.

Volvo Semi-Trailer

Not your everyday ride, but at Auto Audiophiles we don’t discriminate against any vehicle. This big rig was in need of a new radio, so our installers researched the application and were able to seamlessly integrate an after-market radio into the Volvo semi-trailer. If you’re interested in getting your Semi-trailer suited up, please provide us with your vehicle information and we’ll get back with you regarding the stereo options for your truck.