BadBoy TruAudio 265 LCR Two 6.5″ Woofers – 1″ Silk Tweeter


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The TruAudio system offers a state-of-the-art series of in-wall, home theater speakers will compete with any cabinet speaker. They are uniquely designed for the most critical listener. Every model is specifically constructed with an anodized, aluminum plate housing and installed with a custom retrofit-able MDF enclosure to ensure exact air space control and the tightest audio to suit one’s ears.
The smaller version of the BadBoy B23 465 includes two lightweight 6.5” red carbon fiber woofers, thus decreasing the influence room placement has on sound quality. Additionally, a 1″ titanium swivel tweeter is integrated to help improve sound distribution by directing crisp, clear, and accurate higher frequency sounds to fill a theater room. The specific frameless black cloth grill design makes installation a simple beauty.

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