Incriminator IA304 50WX4 Channel Amplifier

Incriminator IA304 50WX4 Channel Amplifier


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The 2016 I Series amplifiers is Incriminator Audio’s first line of entry amplifiers. The I Series models have been designed from the ground up to be a more affordable solution, while still having all of the features that you have come to expect from our IA Series amplifiers, from remotes and strapping to more flexible crossover networks.


Full Range Class A/B Amplifier
Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
2 Ohm Stable Stereo / 4 Ohm Mono Topology / 16 Volt Stable
Extremely High Tolerance Electrical Components For Reliability
Proprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink
Black Molded Oversized 4 AWG Power and Ground Inputs
Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit
Remote Bass
1 Year Limited Warranty

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