Memphis VIV400.4 400 Watt 4 Channel Amplifier


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Memphis’s VIV SixFive Series amplifiers boast big power and acoustically accurate performance wrapped in a beautiful anodized brushed aluminum package. Featuring the single sided wire terminals makes running a clean install simple and adjusting the amp has never been easier thanks to the top mounted magnetic door covering the precision DSP control panel. The SixFive Series amplifiers are specifically built on a relatively compact chasis given their impressive powerhandling making locating a sutible mounting location simple.


  • Digital Signal Processing with 24dB and 48dB crossover slopes
  • Angel hair anodized finish
  • 7 color selectable color changing LED panel
  • M-Equalization bass boost allows for both frequency and Q factor adjusment for precise tuning of your subwoofer system.
  • Bass boost up to 18dB
  • DC/Signal sense/12V turn-on
  • Band-pass crossover on rear channels allows expanded sytem options

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